hiiiiiiiiiii i'm tayla

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sugarscape is getting wild

"i called my album sheezus because kanye called his album yeezus and i thought lol"


Favorite Louis Things → Getting his hair fixed
"My favourite hair at the moment is Louis’ because it’s got really long and he lets me do fun stuff with it." - Lou Teasdale


lets party like its 1990……baby………….


@uber get a service in canberra please 

a real Downer for me when it comes to make up tutorials are ones that they dont like … talk through and just play some music … please tell me what you’re doing …. please talk to me … interact with me … im lonely

no offence but .. zoellas vids have been lacking so much lately :/ ive switched to tanya burr :) also helps that shes uploading daily vlogs what a woman also i love jim hes so cute :) 

m8 if you’re in london it’s like £20

honestly this guy lost his pinkie you truly think he was at like shoreditch house or something im pretty sure he was at CROYDON or something which im pretty sure is a Rough Area of london

azarry replied to your post: I’d absolutely lose it.

i’ve paid ten quid,

to be fair .. 10 quid is a pretty steep entry fee .. id be skanking too

For once

well YEah usually i have at least one person in mind when i make a post .. Someone as Inspiration even if i dont follow them or im not friends with them or theyre not even a tumblr user but i didnt have any Inspo for this post :) just my own sense of unaccomplishment 

honestly… i used to be Indifferent about harry and That Man i always hated L/////A harry but i was indifferent about the man until COURTNEY came along and made me realise that its the devil and its tearing this family apart so i no longer support it and any mention of it or even implication of it gets my blood boiling